We all have heard or read somewhere that to live a happy life, one needs not to expect anything from anyone. Family, friendship, relationship or any other form where a person’s heart somehow gets attached to someone, is a probable position to get heart. It’s easy to say not to expect something but very difficult to adopt in real life. So, few lines……
The road, the path, the way to happiness,

Comes, not from more but from less,

Give love, give care and give respect,

But never mistakenly in return EXPECT.
Giving everything without expectation is the real love,

Giving care and asking in return, no they don’t club,

Feelings must be pure, must be white as dove,

It is a magical feeling but could fade if you harshly rub.
The most beautiful of all is friendship,

Your worries fades and energy replenish,

Having a close friend is everyone’s wish,

It’s not difficult to find one,

The first friend who you remember in your hardship or your bliss,

Is the closest of close, just grab his hand, don’t let him miss.

#expect #expectation #lostlove

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