Enlightenment doesn’t always mean acquiring of some information, knowledge or some truth. It also means accepting all the facts, the notions and mainly the truth. Hardest of all of these is accepting the truth.

In my case, the facts and the truth was always in front of me. But I did not had that courage, to be more appropriate still do not have that courage to accept it. The truth in my case is denial. Denial of love. So, few lines….

It was inappropriate, unfair, unjust,

But I fall for her,

Fall with true emotions, feelings and trust.
She was with someone whom she really loved,

But my heart didn’t see that, it wanted us to be clubbed.
I asked,if she could give what I deserve,

She said, I have already given everything,

Now there is nothing left in reserve.
It was obvious, I already knew her reply,

But WHY? My heart is still at a cry.

The truth is all I see now, clear and bright,

But why? still my consciousness is not enlight.
I put my friendship at stake for love,

She is still a true friend, only I could not un-love.

I hope,

The time will pass and will show me just,

All I need is to have a little trust.


#enlight #enlightenment # No-one

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