Cacophony of silence…

Living in a metropolitan is a challenge of its own kind. Floating of Sun from the horizon and chirping of birds is accompanied by waking up of most ignorant and crude animal of this planet. The Human. The cacophony created by humans is heard by every being on this earth, including animals. But the scream one listens in the night is most excruciating. The scream that comes from the heart of those who do not have someone in their life. So few lines…
When the world stretched to sleep,

And the noise wrapped into calm,

I started waking up, waking up from the fraud consciousness,

With a thought of you in my arm.
The light of the sky seemed too bright,

The silence of the night was ear bleeding,

The thoughts climbed to consume my soul,

And the dreams started making me blind.
In the night your memories are the only companion,

With whom I feel some calm,

The thought of you being near,

Is the lie I tell myself for living a life far.
You left me, left me with a few scars,

But these scars are proof that once we were near,

Near enough to give warmth.
Now the silence of night bleeds my ears,

And cacophony of day is what I want to wear,

The days will pass and I’ll become a memory,

But u will be kept in this heart safe, as jewels are kept in a treasury.


#afaceinthecrowd #cacophony

4 Comments Add yours

    1. Thanks. I wish she feels the same for whom I have written.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Wow!! I really loved it❤
    You know I find people talking about the noise pollution all around but sadly no one talks of the defeaning noise that the soul makes! No one hears that bohooing of the soul which is much more excruciating!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. This chaos of living and running has penetrated so much into our lives that we are unable to hear our own voices. We just feel that something is breaking inside but do not realise till it is totally shattered.
      And yes, thanks for your applauding comment.


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