If…, then everything is alright.

If the sun rises even after a storm,

Then its a sign, a trademark that everything is or will be alright.
If the birds chirps,

If the rain pours,

If the river flows,

If the moon shines,

If the flowers bloom,

If the mountain stands,

If the heart beats,

Then believe me, everything is alright.
Change the perception,

See the silver lining,

See the half full glass,

See the love behind every anger,

See the affection behind every disappointment,

See the other side of the coin,

See the love, see the smile and everything will be alright.


#afaceinthecrowd #trademark

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  1. I needed this today. What a beautiful gift to be able to write a wonderful poem from a daily prompt! Bravo!

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    1. Thank you for your encouraging reply. I wish I’ll be doing the same in the future. And yes, sorry for my late reply.

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  2. Agreed to that….the glass half empty….

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    1. Thanks. Yes, its all over our perception.

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  3. Shefali says:

    This one is beautiful….

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