She is weird…

She hugged me from behind and cared more for me than I,

But now she pushes me from front and without some reason confronts.

She is weird.
She loved to talk and liked when I mock,

But now she avoids to meet and don’t let me be sweet.

She is strange.
She waited for my texts and gave me priority than the rests,

But she now asked me to stop and finished all my scops.

She is unpredictable.
She too gave me surprise and when sun set she rise,

But now even the sun seems too dull and everything between us is null.

She is illegible.
She made me feel special and nothing was formal, all casual,

But now she make me feel mediocre and everything between us is awkward.

She is forgetful.
Talking to her, sitting with her, walking with her, eating with her and even dreaming about her was a surreal experience. An experience that took you into “out of world fantasies”.
No, I could not understand her. She sometimes is a friend and sometimes a way more than that. Maybe, not understanding her pushes me to explore her more.


Kind of curiosity. A curiosity that a permit have for a flame, ultimately killing it.


#afaceinthecrowd  #surreal  #weird  #lostlove

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