Squeeze it…

It is said that when life gives you lemons, make a lemonade. That’s how you turn a difficult situation into a funny one.

But what about oranges.

Well, I guess its one of a kind fruit. Many different segments interconnected by a thin thread. Even after you remove the outer skin, they remain attached. Unless and until you start dividing them individually, they remain connected. 

Well, its otherwise very week. Needs extensive care and nurture. If its not sweet than could be very sour. Easily squeezed, too many seeds, sometimes tastes bitter.

Its strange and funny too that how we put a situation to ourselves. Just so you know in both the above Para’s, I wasn’t just talking of the fruit “orange”. 

Till then, squueze an orange and make a tasty juice out of it.


Daily prompt Orange

#orange #afaceinthecrowd #overloadedemotions #lovelost

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