But I’ll prefer…

Have all the sky, the birds, the kite,

But I prefer a solitude, a company with me,

In a small shelter, in a dark night.
Have all the flowers, the bees, the butterflies,

But I’ll prefer a deserted land,

With a true friend’s company,

Away from all the worldly lies.
Have all the bread, the butter, the food,

But I prefer hunger,

If it gives someone their only meal,

Quenches their thirst, relieves their hunger,

And puts their life on a land, a little more smooth.
Have all the people, the neighbors, the friends,

But I’ll prefer a companion,

A companion for my life,

No matter whenever it ends.
Have all the land, the money, the fame,

But I’ll prefer to be poor,

If it provides a peace of mind,

And didn’t let my money to tame.
Have all the words,

Have all the rhymes,

Just need a love, 

Who could read my feelings,

Just by having a look and reading between the lines.


#afaceinthecrowd #overloadedemotions #prefer #lostlove

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