Trapped in the Eyes…

The more I ran away, the more she pulled me closer.

Her eyes,

You cannot even imagine how deep they are,

So deep that one can drown and still can’t reach its depth.

The shine, the spark these eyes have,

One cannot just roll ones eyes off from hers,

Just look and look, 

The more you dig the more deeper it seems.

There are millions of words but her eyes,

Her eyes tells the emotions, the expressions,

Which cannot be explained by these words.

You see into them, try to find her and yourself get lost.

The time frozes when we look into each other. Yes, not into each others eyes but into each others soul.

The doorway to find another soul is only through the eyes. But, be aware. Once you get into, there is no turning back. It’s a one way door.
I miss it now. I miss the way we looked each other. She now pushes me away, away so that I can feel better. Better by forgetting my feelings for her.

I wish these eyes were the first thing I see in the morning and last thing after I went to bed.

#afaceinthecrowd #overloadedemotions #eyes #trap

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  1. Ssameera :) says:

    Arey bahar aao un ankhon mei se.. 😛
    I loved this poetry though. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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