When something you strongly desire,
When u seem low and world seem higher,

When you feel that she is only meant for you,

With her your world will be beautiful,

wlwithout her it would be blue,
And you don’t get her,
This is the time where you ask your worth,

What is that you didn’t have,

What made her reject you,

What is there in you that people didn’t like,

Why this happened to you.
It was not for the first time,

I have felt this before,

but what makes it to mention, that this time it was the strongest.

It was a sudden heaviness in body,

Gasp’s of breathing,

A dip in heart beat and bp,

A feeling of uselessness,

A moment when everybody was talking but nothing was heard,

It was like words didn’t made any sense,

Just some sounds in non synchronous manner,

It was the feeling of sudden need,

Sudden and strong feeling of someone,

Someone that knew exactly what I needed.

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