10 Day Timeline…

Note: only daily prompters will understand.
It was 10 days ago when my spoken words started to cease,

And I started writing and somehow got released.

9 days back I found my aspect,

When she turned away from me and I stopped to expect.

8 days back I realised, it wasn’t my fault, I must stop my atonement,

It was this day when I found my little enlightenment.

A week back it was all noisy, all at some cacophony,

Now I am at a little more peace, I guess I am finding my symphony.

6 days back I found someone giving me remark(for my writing),

It felt great, I thought it could be my trademark.

5 days back, I realised, begging for my love I had lost my serenity,

It was time for the head to work, not heart, to regain back my lost identity.

4 days past I came back to worldly lies, but it was all real,

Otherwise it was just my heart playing with me, showing me things which were fantastic and surreal.

3 days past, it was time for orange to be peeled off, to uncover its slices,

To face the truth in front, to grab my broken pieces.

A couple of days back I would ask someone for love to prefer,

Now after realising myself, you better stay single or rather suffer.

Yesterday it was time to thank her, time to show my gratitude,

She tried so much but still somehow gotten changed my attitude.

It was a 10 day journey from smooth lies to trustful roughs,

Let’s see where do I go, either sink deep or stay ashore fluff.


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  1. Shefali says:

    I enjoyed reading this… creative one

    Liked by 1 person

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