40,000 thoughts…

I am a human,

With the most complexes ideas of life,

Should I be kind to everyone,

Or true to myself with all my heart, all my rife.
Should I be doing what the world asks,

Or be doing what I was meant to.

In a world with a billion of eyes,

In every eye, a different me,

How can I find peace with me,

With each breath I need to find a different sheath,

Sheath to mask my own personality.
The person wearing every mask is now forgotten,

Forgotten by himself,

Lost in hundreds of identities.

Days passed and now he is long gone,

Realising that the world was always self centered,

Each person was trying to find a better of himself,

In the eyes of the world,

And the world, well it was too busy to look at some other.
Should I be waking early to run after life,

Or find a symphony with however the life is.

Should I be exhausting myself,

Or spending every moment wisely.

Should I be running after someone for love,

Or letting the world to find it for me.

Should I lose myself to the world,

Or let the world find me.
Simmering to the chaos of life,

Brewing to its flavour,

What should I be doing,

I am a human,

With the most complex ideas of life.

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