A perfect miracle…

In dimmest of flame, in vaguest of smile,

You came as a gift, came as a surprise.

I was a “sorrow” but you made it to “joy”,

I was a mediocre but you made me a special boy.

The feeling I developed was not a mistake,

I loved you from truest of my heart and can put everything at stake.

We loved, we lived, we enjoyed,

You made me complete by filling my void,

But, from nowhere some black clouds came and covered my bright sun,

It was too late to find some shelter, or to run,

The time passed, the distance grew,

And we were strangers again,

The time we spend together seems little,

To the distance we have now, 

I now wish, we had these feelings at the same time,

Things would have been simpler, you would have been mine,

But, but the truth is bitter,

You’re with someone and this thought gives me jitters,

May god make some Oracle,

May we be together,

And it would be a perfect miracle.

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