Don’t let her in…

While I tried not to be her poison,

She gave me many more reasons for the same,

Reasons that we should leave for good,

It was unexpected that she took that first step, and that too stomping my heart.
Shocked, I thought all night,

Is it that easy to leave someone, someone for whom you had cared in the darkest of nights.

But never mind, I have been hurt,

Hurt by the same person twice.
The time we spent together she call that a mistake,

A mistake only to her coz I was all wake,

The biggest mistake I take,

Was putting my friendship for love at stake.
Now i lost it, lost both,

The friendship and the love.

Its too late now to reconcile,

She has chosen her way, way in which I have been put aside,
Now I feel expressing my love was a big mistake.

Sometimes, your feelings must be hidden in some corner of your heart and it should die with you.

In expectation of more, I lost what was already there.

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