Smile in a traffic jam…

Today, I went to Chandni Chowk, New Delhi to fulfill my regular need of faith. It was all same, how Delhi 6 is supposed to be. Shrill honking from vehicles, incessant clamour of hawkers and vendors, announcement of Delhi Police from loudspeakers, nuisance created by people of pity issues etc etc.
It was a Sunday noon, everything was at its peak, from hot weather to crowd of people. Everyone there seemed in some hurry. It didn’t feel that someone is walking or taking a stroll to enjoy one of the oldest markets of Delhi. Even a tensed face can be pictured from the hawkers who has to sit there entire day. He too seemed eager to finish his work and go back.
In all this cacophony, rush and noise, I saw a foreigner man in his 30s, clicking pictures from his DSLR camera of this confused and panicked lives of the people of India. There were few more people in his group but most of them were annoyed by the noise and everything.
I wondered what put him to such serenity, why everything around is not bothering him, why in such a confused situatuon and that too in a foreign country he was able to smile?

After giving a little thought, I realised that the situation at that moment of time was same for every person standing there. Same traffic, same congestion, same noise etc. Then, there must be something inside of him that made him enjoy even in such an exaggerating situation.
We all have different lives, different problems but somehow these problems are all same. It’s just the way we face them. Do we shirk it, avoid it, put the blame on some other or face it with a positive attitude. The day we start taking responsibility of every action we take and every situation we are dealing with, we start feeling better. Acceptance is the first step in the ladder of success and ultimate happiness.

So, smile and move forward. You got just a single chance to LIVE.

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  1. Srijan says:

    Accepting things that never meant to be, does hurt. :))

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    1. Of course they does, but how long can we avoid them? That is more important.

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      1. Srijan says:

        Well sometimes it’s not what it looks like. So until the very end!

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  2. Right. We can’t imagine the probable outcome of every situation.
    On a different note, your poetry speaks a lot. They are amazing.


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