One True God…

When things are upside down,

When the world looks at you with a frown,

When the king loses it crown,

There is still one way, to turn the things around.

When problems start growing like a weed,

When every action you take become a wasted deed,

When you are losing and do need to succeed,

Then he will come to rescue you,

As he see you in a dire need.

When the pieces of you are shattered,

When everything is being lost that mattered,

When the bad luck at your door begins to clatter,

Then he will hold your hand and relieve you from all your jitters.

He is the one that watches you every time,

He is the one who let you earn your every dime,

He is the one who is letting me to rhyme,

He is the supreme power,

He is the panacea of all menaces,

He is the one holding your hand,

Believe in him, feel him, worship him,

He is the one true god, 

The defender of your soul.



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  1. loved it, sadly i can’t find the follow button on your page, would love to keep up with everything you post

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  2. gladly i found it, lol, i’m too new here haha

    Liked by 1 person

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