Life maybe more beautiful…

How beautiful it would be,

If everything we know,

Everything we had together,

Every time we spent,

Every memory we had,

Just vanishes,

Vanishes as something never happened.

Because now, things have changed,

Changed for the worst.

The fear to share feeling,

Beginning of any new conversation gingerly,

Because, it will result into an argument,

And maybe this time,

Someone loses its patience, 

And everything earned in love gets lost.

The issue, the complications,

The “but’s”, the “why’s”, the ” no’s”,

All become mere words,

Not causing any heartache or hurting our feelings.

And one day,

We meet again,

You unknown to me and I to you,

It would be a new start,

And someday, we fell in love,


And life become most beautiful.


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