Its one of those times when you have a lot to say, a lot to hear but the one with whom you want to have this conversation is not available. To be more appropriate, you can’t talk to the other person for some reason. You have these questions running in your mind day-night. You ask her the question in your mind, you guess her probable reply then counter ask her question for the reply you thought she would give. Day-night, in-out, alone or in family, everywhere, irrespective of time it goes on in your head. Even a time comes when you start dreaming about this conversation which might not even happen.

This obsession pulls you into a dark abyss which do not have any way out, and if there is, you can’t find it. This thinking, over thinking becomes shackles of your life, which won’t let you move on. The other person who is mentally and emotionaly stronger than you, moves on and flourishes in life as one should. But you, emotional fool, you’re fucking stuck to one place.

The silence between us is screaming. Screaming so hard that a day will come when we won’t be able to listen to each other, even if we want to.

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