Most cursed yet powerful of all,

Colour, magic or emotion of the soul,

Blending everything into one,

Dark, gloomy but leaving none,

Black slate, board, pen or stroke,

It was black who knew what your future behold,

The colour of passion, the colour of protest,

Maligned but strongest than the rest,

Black lust, black pride, black gluttony,

Every sin is dark and black,

Once mastered to the core,

Would take you to glory,

With nothing in lack.


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  1. aakriti405 says:

    Deep and darkly Beautiful 😉😊

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  2. Its so beautiful! That’s the truth of life all though every comes from black still we don’t accept it in raw form! Be it raw emotions or raw soul!💙

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    1. Thanks a lot.
      I feel that what makes us human. If we could accept everything easily then we all would have cordial relations with every second soul.

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