My lost love…

Today I met her. After many days and after many requests. She came, met with heavy heart with no enthusiasm at all. It was not like before. I wanted her to stay a little linger but she didn’t.

I went home, tried not to upset her and myself but somehow I did. Now, at 4 am I am reading a post written by her on “love”, her love for someone else. She knew that I love her and I read her posts but still she did. After such a departure.

It’s painful. It really really is. To see someone you love, loving someone else. It feels lying dying, or maybe death would be less painful. I wish if it is I am going to get, god never put me to love again. I am done.

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  1. Enigma says:

    Well, she doesn’t know your worth!
    Don’t be sad.
    You know what, only love can heal love and love isn’t just a relationship shared between humans.
    Start loving yourself. The things that make you smile. Chocolates, ice-creams, stars…
    I know its not easy but to do something difficult is a choice not a wish.
    Sorry for ranting away!
    I just thought you needed it.
    Your friend,

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    1. Thanks enigma.
      I didn’t knew I would make a friend here and that too so true.
      I am trying, I guess. I started writing here because she does it here too. But I didn’t tell her.
      Now I think I would not tell her anything and would try to move on.
      Thanks for your support. Now I know where to contact when I need somebody. Thanks again.

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      1. Enigma says:

        What are friends for! I am so glad that you are trying to move on with the aid of writing!
        May the odds ever be in your favour!

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      2. Thanks Enigma. Your comments, advice means a lot.


  2. Ssameera :) says:

    And I am toh already waiting for you. For the partyyy.. 🙂
    Don’t worry. As I told you things will always fall in place. ♥

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  3. Ridhima says:

    Unlike others I won’t say I am sorry for you. Instead I am sorry for the person who has lost someone like you. I am so naive as a person but from all that I have I’ve learnt some people come in your life to tell you that you deserve a hell lot more😊 All you have to do is believe yourself and your destiny😊

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    1. Thanks Ridhima. This is so comforting.
      I get her or not I don’t want her to be unhappy anytime in her life. May she stays happy always.
      About me, I will figure out something.

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      1. Ridhima says:

        This is so cute😊 Isn’t it what true love means?? To be happy in other one’s happiness.
        Boy I really wish you get someone so better😊

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      2. Thanks a lot dear.
        But to be honest, this time I want to know myself more. Just A little scared to be in love again..😅😅

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