Clouds (Part II)

The school had a tin roof but it was tarpaulin covered, so kinda gave relief from the daily heat. And those closed windows with broken glasses provided the best ventilation in the class rooms. 

There was a provision of mid day meal. Round glucose biscuits with sprinkled sugar along with some snack made out of jaggery were given to the students. I used to bring at least 4 packets of each. I told you I was one of the intelligent students. Lol.

In the recess, after collecting these we boys would go into playing ground and the girls would play some game. Oh! I forgot to mention that it was a co-ed school. Now to the playing ground, that’s what they called it. 2 feet long grass with hundreds of dragon flies and at least 4 inches long grass hoppers. Gosh, they used to scare the hell outta me!!

Till 3rd standard I was in some private school. Ironically I don’t remember anything about those private schools, not even their names. It was my first experience with such kind of school and I still have memories of it, see how beautiful memories you can get from most unexpected places and people.

Well, its a story of me going back to home from school with scorching heat and we are already half way down.

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  1. Ssameera :) says:

    I love grasshoppers. ♥
    I am half the way too. 🙂

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    1. But I was scared at that time. I even get scared by butterflies, I thought if I touched them, their wings might break.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ssameera :) says:

        Awww.. 🙂 I played with insects and scared I tried to find out whether they are male.or female. 😀

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      2. Hahahaha. Very funny, whether they are male or female.
        Well, I was the one who get scared.

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      3. Ssameera :) says:

        No worries ji. 🙂

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  2. aakriti405 says:

    This is very beautiful 💙

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      1. aakriti405 says:

        You are most welcome 🙂

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