One where I went numb (Part 1 of 2)

It was spring season. I was at my home, drinking tea with my mom. Our door is always open for outer view as my mom never likes closed doors. We were having talk about something. Well the topic I don’t remember. But something happened that day which made me numb and I think that instance I won’t forget in my life.

We both were sitting on our comfy chairs and watching outside view. There I saw some beauty of the nature, it was beauty for that moment at least.

There was a cat trying to climb up a tree where it saw a nest. There were two birdlings in that nest and their mother was not around. The cat I guess was not that expert in climbing the tree as it always slide back after reaching half way. I was watching it closely. Admiring the beauty of nature, appreciating food cycle of every organism of this planet. Bird eating ants and worms, cat eating birds, ants eating dead birds and cats and so on.

Well as I was enjoying this view, my mom was looking distressed. 

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  1. Ssameera :) says:

    I love the stories you are sharing. Hello Aunty..! Don’t be stressed. πŸ™‚

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    1. She is very kind to everyone. She never let’s anyone leave the door without a cup of tea or something to eat. As I already told, our door is never closed.

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      1. Ssameera :) says:

        That’s truly sooo adorable of her. I want to meet her soon. πŸ™‚

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      2. Come soon. She likes guests.
        Or Apke liye m lunch bhi ready kra dunga, sifarish LGA k.

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      3. Ssameera :) says:

        I am making you do corruption. Lol.
        I need aloo ka paratha in lunch then. πŸ˜› .
        I am coming soon.. !!

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      4. Yeah. Aloo ka parantha is an international dish of Punjab.
        And in dinner you would be getting, sarso ka saag, if u like to.

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      5. Ssameera :) says:

        Hahaha.. I love aloo ka parathaaa… and sarso ka saag with bahut sara butter.
        So done I am feeling hungry now. Fatafat se ana padhega Delhi ab. πŸ™‚

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  2. aakriti405 says:

    You really like animals , don’t you ?

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    1. Yes I do like animals. I like everything nature has. But I also like natural cycle of food.

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  3. Enigma says:

    Well, I am not a huge fan of tea but I can make an amazing one. I am also a cat lover.
    But I hate cliff-hangers!
    Update soon!
    The title sounds like a title from the F.R.I.E.N.D.S TV series.

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    1. Its a very story story.

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