One where I went numb (Part 2 of 2)

Well as I was enjoying this view, my mom was looking distressed. She looked for some time then stood up to shoo the cat away as it tried to climb up the tree. I must say that cat was stubborn, it goes away when shooed but then came again back to climb the tree. My mom would stand up again and again and would try to scare the cat.

I watched it for some time then said, “mumma ki tusi vaar vaar onu hatai jande ho? Oh chidia de bacche oda khana h. Karan deo onu  Jo odi life che likheya h. Oh agr nhi khaegi ta apna tiddh kidda bharegi?”

“Mom, why are trying to scare the cat away? Those birdlings are cat’s food. Let it do what it is destined to. If it doesn’t kill them then how would it feed itself?”

Well I was very proud with my statement. Studied from science background, had a degree from a prestigious university, having open thinking about life and nature and all the other things that could make my thinking egoistic.

But my mom’s simple yet deep reply made me numb. She simply said,” billi nu Karan de Jo oda karam hai, asi apna kam krde Haa, insaniyat sadda dharam hai, baad vich billi nu oh chidia de bacche Milan ya na, o agge odi kismat”.

“Let the cat do what its nature is, let me do what our (human’s) nature is, humanity is our nature, after that if it get’s the birdlings then its up to their fate”.

I went numb, I really didn’t had anything to argue with that simple statement. She was totally right. How can we forget about our first nature, to help someone in need, to save someone, to look for distressed and helping them out. Humanity is what makes us humans, and if forget that then what is left in us. We are nothing but just other animal who feeds on some other animal.

Well, I drank my tea as fast as I could and went to the other room.

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  1. May all the human being must embrace such humanity.

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  2. great thinking bro ..

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    1. My mom’s thinking. 😀

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  3. Ssameera :) says:

    I am meeting your mother soon. Such an adorable lady she is.
    I will tell her that you murdered my little grasshopper. Hahaha.

    And yes you are right. What we are without humanity ! Hope everyone understand your views. 🙂

    Let the peace prevail…!

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    1. Yes, she is sweet.
      Come soon, I’ll be waiting.

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      1. Ssameera :) says:

        Yes yes I will. I have to complain about grasshopper na.. 😛

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      2. Bs Kr kudiye. Meri Maa ne roti deni band Kr deni aa

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      3. Ssameera :) says:

        Hahaha.. acha.. I promise nahi bataungi.. 🙂 Inna load na lo ..! Dimag mei siyappa pe jana hai.. :’)

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      4. Ssameera :) says:

        ♥♥♥ you are more sweet..

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  4. Charul🌸 says:

    Simply beautiful! Cheers to your mom!😊✌

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