Clouds (Part VI)

Now the recess bell rang and we all moved towards our respective classrooms. Actually it isn’t an actual electric bell, some kid or attendant used to bang an iron rod against an iron pillar at which our school roofs were standing. 

Three more periods and the fourth always seeming a little longer than usual and then school off. I used to get Rs. 1 daily to purchase something from outer stalls, and if I were lucky mom and dad both would give me Rs. 1 each summing up to Rs. 2. And I was like yayyyy… its going to be a double treat. Now it was time for big decisions, at least at that age they were sort of like that.

Outside the school gate, many vendors with mouth watering snacks would wait for us. My mouth is watered at this very moment when I am remembering all this, all in vivid details. 

There was chowmein provided on newspaper cuttings, kulche stuffed with chole, instant made cold drink in no. Of flavours, raddish and carrot sticks with spicy masala and lots of lemon water, boiled corn in spicy masala, a flag with something sticky to eat(we used to call it jhanda only), abrak, taatri, gudgatta and packets of digestive pills(rochak, Lal jeera, chand taare etc.). I think I am still missing something, I am telling naa it was very difficult decision to take at that time. I could either eat chole kulche or chowmein to satisfy a little bit of hunger or could choose jhanda or taatri, abrak that would accompany me at least half a way to my home.

Well, let me eat something, the sun is still waiting for me. Stay tuned, concluding soon.

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  1. Beautiful… Nice one… 🙂

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  2. Ssameera :) says:

    Staying tuned
    But don’t conclude soon. 🙂
    Those big decisions about having food were best decisions ever. I wish I can pause myself in that time and never grow up. 😥
    Still long way to go..! 🙂
    I want all those food items.. I am feelings hungry noww.. 😉

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    1. Sweety pie…..
      I have to conclude soon, I guess my fellow bloggers would be waiting for this. I don’t want to make them wait.
      And yes, those decisions were big at that time.

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      1. Ssameera :) says:

        I know you will have to but it’s like I don’t want your journey to end. 🙂 Come up with something new again.
        You know I am just missing my grasshopper. 😉 Hihihi..!

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      2. Hahahaha.
        I’ll surely come with something new. And don’t you worry about your grasshopper. He must be with some angel grasshopper, as I already told you.

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      3. Ssameera :) says:

        Yes..! My cute little grasshopper. I will be waiting for new posts. 🙂

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