There is an issue where you and the other person talking have different opinions. You say something and the other person opines otherwise. You, while listening to him makes these replies in your head and just waits for him from uttering. The moment he finishes, you just spit out your weaved reply. You, in this process just waited for him to finish speaking without even listening to his point.Β 

Can this be called a conversation?

No exchange of ideas and just arguments. Is it a healthy talk?

In this world there are innumerable issues which have more than one possible answer depending upon the point of view of the speaker. There are further many questions which do not have any consensual answer at all yet they are tried to be answered and answered.

If we keep on replying without listening what the other person is saying, we doesn’t get to know when our conversation turns into a debate and ultimately leading to arguments attacked to the other speaker personally. This is not the right way to converse. It’s a futile process which might end up in disagreement in wrong terms.

So, for a healthy and fruitful conversation one must listen before speaking. Taste your words before spitting them out. In this world of social media, where we have 100s of apps and internet platforms, face to face conversation is still the best way of share ideas.


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  1. Orvillewrong says:

    Arguments solve nothing, but a friendly open debate can work wonders!

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    1. Yes, but for that both speakers must be good listeners as well.


      1. Orvillewrong says:

        I always thought that in a debate one did !

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  2. SaNaEll says:

    Agree completely..!

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  3. Ssameera :) says:

    This is apt..! At least someone in this world value conversation more than Apps. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
    So proud of you.
    (Anything made you write this)

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    1. There is always a story behind every post. For What we cannot speak, we find ways to take that out of our system. Writing I guess is the best and only medium left.

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      1. Ssameera :) says:

        Yes. Pour pain out in poetry. πŸ™‚

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  4. shalini says:

    I agree totally to your post… But do I listen always… Nah not always but most times, at the same time I like conversations not arguments at all.
    I don’t like people who talk just to have a one-up on me and vice versa

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    1. Exactly. Whenever there is a topic with two different views, we always try to win the argument which initially was a mere conversation.
      Listen always when the other person is speaking, don’t use that time to weave the next possible reply. Sometimes we win the argument, but lose a lot more.
      Thanks for stopping by.
      I liked your post about prefixing or suffixing someone’s name to show respect. I have heard that in other countries, they all just take others name irrespective of age and gender. Indian culture is different but unique too at the same time.


      1. shalini says:

        I am talking about Indian culture. There may be uniqueness to it… But it is mostly hypocrisy

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      2. Most doesn’t cover all. Though I agree with “most”.
        Times have changed, people are now just opportunistic. My work place is full with such kind of people. Flattery everywhere.


      3. shalini says:

        Work place is a different scenario. In the blogging world it is about mutual respect of Ideas not the prefix and postfix


      4. Oh yes. In blogging world it is completely apt. I agree with you here.
        I took it as overall scenario. My bad.


      5. shalini says:

        It is all individualistic… I am careful at work place. I do not allow ward boys to call me shalini. There I am ma’am or doc. Similarly when I am sharing thoughts in a conversation it depends on the vibes or respect, then I allow people to call me by name. In the blogging world, if I am saying call me by name. And the person says I am old so I should not be called by name… Doesn’t make me feel that he respects women

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      6. I agree with you here too. Shalini : )
        We have all the right to be called how we want to be.


      7. shalini says:

        I am glad you understood and I appreciate it. Thank you

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      8. Just Because it was a conversation. Not an argument.


      9. shalini says:

        Even in an argument, one can listen.. I do that with my friends

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      10. That is great. A health argument.


      11. shalini says:

        Asking someone to call me by name, and still being called ma’am /ji does not show culture, it shows he talks respect, does not follow. I like other cultures where they call a woman by name if the woman asks them to.

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      12. Yes, this is good about their culture.
        But, isint it possible that you met only those people who just talks respect but doesn’t follow. All people are not same. There are many others who really respects others.
        I wish this keeps on as a conversation only. : )


      13. shalini says:

        Sir/ma’am, respect is words and action. Calling someone ma’am does not show respect if not followed by words. I don’t know who you are, but if I call you by your name, does it mean I am disrespecting you. The same goes vice versa

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