Dear Sister…

You were the second lap in which I slept,
And were in more pain if I sometimes wept,
You brought me up, taught me worship and taught me to study,
And always cheered me up in sorrow, when I wasn’t a bit ready,
You challenged me to study more, to push me higher,
Now this salary seems meagre and those 2000 rupees put me to flyer,
You made stupid stories with anything you could rhyme,
And put me to incessant laughter, laughter of million value, not of a dime,
You kissed me multiple times, sometimes 50 times in a row,
I was irritated and angry but you didnt stopped,
And that wasnt mine, it was your lipstick that glow,
You cared for me, loved me, taught me everything,
And I feel blessed to have a sister like you,
And don’t feel irritated anymore if you again get clinged.


One Comment Add yours

  1. Ssameera :) says:

    Such an adorable thought OL. Reminds me of my sister. :/
    Loved it ❤


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