I saw the pain In her eyes. It was not because of me only, she had something else going through her mind too. It came out when I asked some questions. She wasn’t doing well in her academics and was facing some financial crunches. I offered my help but she declined. Don’t know she didn’t want my help or is not in need of that.

I tried to make things right for her. I texted that I think the things are not falling to their places because of me only. I will make them right again. Just remember my love for you and respect it.

Through my words, though I was just showing my love, she got offended. She again defended her relationship. It was hurtful. I took the responsibility of all her sufferings though I am not the sole reason for them. Her response was unexpected and to say unacceptable too. But love is such a strong emotion, you still think good of the other person. Its high time I either got out of her life or try to took the high lane.



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