Lives simplified…

From travelling miles,
To a simple call away,
To hear someone, to see someone,
Lives simplified.

From asking someone to click pictures,
To taking selfies,
Without any favour, without any hesitation,
Lives simplified.

From calling friends for a get together,
To tagging in pics of solo travels,
No need of cumbersome trip plannings,
Lives simplified.

From complicated letter writing,
To forwarded Watsapp texts,
More impressive way of telling emotions,
Lives simplified.

Really? Lives simplified?


7 Comments Add yours

  1. Nope its more isolated and complicated.

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  2. Life is simple on paper. But we humans sure know to make it so complicated!

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    1. Yes. When we search for peace we actually end up finding chaos. Happiness and peace is always around us, we just don’t see it.

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