Well, I googled this term to know its exact meaning. It says, ” a system such as pattern of letters, ideas etc that helps in remembering something “. So technically, its the ways by which you try to remember something. Like giving some music to a long paragraph or making short pin points to recall something.

This is not what I want to tell here.

Sometimes we feel that we are forgetting things way too much and our this thinking is mostly right. The reasons behind this can be over thinking, fear, anxiety, depression, wrong eating habit, lack of exercise and just your thought that you are forgetting things. Forgetting small things in early age is not a good sign.

I have gone through same. I too forget things but I have a solution for this. Just smile and say that I remember every thing in every detail. That’s it. No mental exercise, no tablets, nothing else required. See, whatever we think is true eventually becomes the truth. So, if we think that we are forgetting things then we will tend to forget things. Our subconscious mind works this way only. But, if you say that you remember everything, believe me you will begin to remember everything.

Just smile and affirm it to yourself. This is the easiest and most effective pattern we have to regain our lost remembering power.


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  1. hmm, nice post! I can relate this, appreciation from India!

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    1. Thanks.. for your kind words


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