Velvet touch…

Your velvet touch,
To my tender vulnerable skin,
Penetrated deep within,
As it Slashed open my heart.
Your warm touch,
On my cold skin,
Burned me inside out,
Defaced my soul and damaged me to whole.
Your naive cottony touch,
On my rock solid exterior,
Casted some magic,
Melted me first, just to boil eventually.
Your sponge soft touch,
On my diamond hard skin,
Pricked profound,
From unadulterated stone,
Turned me into blistering magma,
Molten yet still a part of rock.
Your touch was never only over my skin,
Only few millimeters thick,
But much deeper than you could ever think,
It reached deep my soul,
Took everything from me,



8 Replies to “Velvet touch…”

  1. Er.! Pain and beauty go hand in hand and you always tell me that. Magnificent words..I must say. The power of touch..!♥♥
    Breathtaking. 🙂
    PS: I hope you get the soft touch to fill all your voids. And never leave. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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