I understand what you say. I respect your feelings towards me. I acknowledge your every word and I try to feel the emotion you are going through. Trust me. It is as hard for me as it is for you. I know you are so in love with me but I can’t do anything about that. I don’t love you.
Do the person at receiving end of love means what he/she is saying?
Does he/she really understand?
Or he/she is putting the person in “friend zone”?
Yes or No.
It’s easy to choose “No” as the answer because it makes the person at receiving end of love, wrong and culprit while the one in love seems the victim here. I am not saying that your feelings are right and by not accepting your love he/she is disrespecting it. But it can also be the case that the person in love do not see the pain behind the words of the person at receiving end of love.
I am just saying my experience. I feel sometimes that we do not see how hard it is for the person to reject us and that too without losing us. She/He is not putting you to friendzone. Maybe you have always been a friend to her/him but after you experienced these feelings, and get her/his denial, you try to comfort yourself by making the opposite person culprit. This is so very wrong. This is not love. If you truly love that person, you’ll respect her/his decision.
Yes, it gets a lot hard to accept the denial but some things are only learned the hard way.

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