After many months I got the chance to travel by metro. Unlike other days, it wasn’t that crowded. I was coming back from a friend’s when my observation hit me. I saw a no. of faces with myriad of stories behind them.

These are my observations:

An old worried face,
A girl chattering with a guy with a hope he likes her(as she was constantly trying to make him read her eyes),
A boy into his mobile, probably chatting with someone he really likes(from the blush of his face),
A cheerful couple(holding hands throughout their travel),
A young guy working on his phone(was checking mails),
A bunch of daily workers in their dirty old cloths, yet smiling(maybe it was their first experience in the metro),
A group of college going guys(laughing and enthusiastic),
A woman, alone(sad face),
A kid crying for its mom on its father’s shoulders(obvious),
A tired face(dizzy at times),
Announcement, not heard by any,
A lady feeding her child biscuits,
A girl kissing her boyfriend’s palm while he is over phone(a young love, unafraid of crowd)
A guy lost in his past, in pain, noticed by all(expression clear on his face),
A smile to attract(generous smile),
An uncle covering his face with a hanky,
A couple trying to touch each other in ways(passion in their love)
Foreigner family with a kid(little afraid at a new place).

There were many stories in a single compartment of metro train. All these stories telling how different a life is for each and every individual on this planet. We always end up thinking about our life, and in that too about our pain and sufferings. If we try to see in someone other’s life, we might start appreciating how lucky we are. We have a family, friends, a roof and a non hungry stomach. These things seems of non importance when we have them but take out any single thing out, you will see what they really are.

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  1. Nice post and good observation.

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    1. Thanks. Was trying to change my mood.

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