Unsent letter.

Dear S,
You have no idea what happened today. As we talked and I confessed last few words of my love to you, I suffered a lot. It was only for you that I am taking my step back. I am thinking that from now on I would be free from everything but it seems a far sight to me.
My Jija ji(brother in law) came today. He asked my dad to get me married to the girl I have found for myself. They talked in code names and my dad said that we both(my mother and he) had the same doubt but she already has someone else in her life. They all ended up in laughter and I too had to fake one. With every effort I put to my laugh, my heart cried harder.
S, I don’t know if you have realized but my sisters has already started to convince you for me. My little sister talked directly to me about you and my elder most sister wished you your birthday over Facebook. They love me very much. If it wasn’t for your own happiness they would have come to you and your parents and had asked for your hand. Everyone in my family have given their consent without me even asking to them. I have already made you realizs about my feelings for you. You don’t know but you have become my everything. I wish you were mine.



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  1. urvashi7 says:

    This is heartbreakingly sad. Are these fictional but the emotions are too real to be fictional. In that case, I wish you the best. Hope everything goes fine soon. Beautiful letter.

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    1. Thanks Urvashi for your kind words and wishes.
      No, its not fictional. I too hope things change for good soon.


      1. urvashi7 says:

        Whatever the outcome it is going to be tough. Much power to you. 😊

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      2. Thanks again Urvashi. Whenever someone shows their concern and wishes for my well being, I feel less lonely.
        Thank you for giving your time.

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  2. It is heartbreaking Bhai..
    I hope things will turn out to be in your side soon.. take care

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    1. Thank you Bhai. I wish that too.

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      1. You are welcome Bhai 🙂

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  3. Ambardhara says:

    All gonna be fine.
    Trust on yourself n ur love.

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    1. Thank you Ambardhara for your wishes. I trust myself and love. It will find me at the right time. 😊


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