Only your presence…

What entity is ours in this infinite universe?
Just a speck of dirt compared to an endless desert,
What significance our steps have for changing our future?
When our destiny is determined by moons and constellational stars.
What promise can we make to our future self?
When we can’t even handle our present conditions,
What dreams do we chase?
When dreams themselves are a part of our subconscious virtual world,
What value does virtue holds in our lives?
When everyone deceiving claims to conquer this world,
What bond shall we have in future?
When the thread is already been so stretched, losing its original strength,
But, even after going through so much, the thread is still there.
Our entity is not defined when we compare ourselves to something so vast,
Our destiny is not really in the movements of celestial bodies,
Our dreams are what we do when we are awake,
Bond and virtue still holds their value as long as we are true to each other.
In these times of my extreme despair, the only thing that is letting me survive,
Is your presence.


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  1. Thought for Change says:

    Wow lovely

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