Remain silent

After all this long year,
Tottering between your past and my present,
We loved, we missed, we felt the dying need,
Of each other in the pool of emotions.
But Soon,
My shining bright sky was covered with the clouds of dark rains,
With a small stint of mutual love and need,
Our paths were forcefully drawn apart,
By bitter truth of your present.
You loved me, maybe it was just for some transient moment,
But you did loved me,
And now the same love has become the shackles in the same feet,
where my gift of anklets gave you the wings to fly high.
Our disagreement turned into quarrels,
My touch you called my need,
My wish to meet became my insecurity,
And my want for you became the cage to your free flying.
I couldn’t argue,
I never did with anyone before,
I angered upon you, taunted you and blamed you in many sarcastic ways,
But you never knew that most of the times my sarcasm was the disguised hurt.
And today,
I get to realise about my most severed sin,
Sin of changing you,
Changing you and your nature towards me.
My wittiness,
I put that in a blanket coz there are some convos where remaining silent is better than proving your point.
I never had talent of arguing,
I guess it was best for me…..


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  1. Orvillewrong says:

    A very melancholy piece!

    Liked by 2 people

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