Tere bina…

In all these years,
We were together, we were apart,
In all those times of separation,
I always had this feeling that we will be together,
We will find our time, our love, our peace.
But the hope is flickering, and the cold is taking over again,
This time, if it extinguishes, no light would be able to put it on again.
See, there are two ways here,
I Forget my love for you, and get happy for the rest of my life,
Another, I keep loving you despite knowing the fact that we have no future together.
And what am I choosing here, I have no fucking idea… just a few lines I remember here…

Tere bina zindagi se shikva to nhi….. Tere bina zindagi bhi lekin zindagi to nhi…. Zindagi nhi….


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  1. Jaya Singh says:

    That ever lasting dilemma…
    (Love the song 💛 Kishore Kumar 💛)

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    1. Thanks for connecting

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  2. Outstanding…just wow

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