Few more minutes,
A few more seconds,
Let the time round off to the next 5th minute,
We went a minute forward,
Now you have to wait for next 4 minutes.
That’s how I stole a few memorable moments from my friends.
Always the one to make plans,
Adjusting, convincing, manipulating the friends to increase the meeting time span,
Reaching the spot always first,
Waiting and planning jokes to make laughter, to quench everyone’s daily happiness thirst,
Getting angry for their coming late and then make a fuss,
Then smiling at their little sorries, living the whole life till dusk.
That was me.
Me for every friend.
But, then my stars turned to haunt my nights,
And somehow my every conversation turned into fights.
Slowly, everything ended among us. Even my innocent little memory stealings,
My every fuss, even my asking for 5 minute constant talk, was attached to my feelings.
Everything was passed through only one filter. It is still always.


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