Could you?

Hey Sunshine,
I have a request,
Do not want any powers and surely not seeking answers for any quest,
Just that,
Whenever on the face of my love, your sunrays rest,
Make her feel my warmth, make a little memory nest.

Hello Rain,
I need a favour,
My love likes splashing in you,
You are among the few things that she likes to savour,
Can you drench her, not with just drops,
A little nostalgia she feels, of the memories of our love lost.

Hey Wind,
I seek most from you,
Your entity keeps you everywhere,
Your aroma surrounds this constellating sphere.
Will you be kind enough to take my cologne,
My beloved is a little forgetful, our memories from her conscious seems blown.

Hello Earth,
The green lush, the endless oceans, the slipping sands,
She is always in touch of you, like a baby in hands.
Could you make her feel my touch,
I know she don’t seek this from me,
But it’s been very long and it was never of anything else, just my love.

Hello sound,
The morning chirps, the dawning music and the dusky silence.
There was a time when I just took her name, a sense of relief came to her face,
But the time have immuned her so much, she apparently can live years without feeling her name on my lips.
Can you make her remember my voice for once more,
There must be no silence at the sea shore.

Hello fire,
It’s been very cold since years,
Where have you been? The cold has entered my skin like some spears.
Could you find your way back?
But I don’t seek you for me, just go where my beloved have cold nights.
Let my fire warm her instead, and you shall embrace me whenever you desire.


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    1. Thanks “witness/testament to”

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      1. Sakshi says:

        My pleasure

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