My best day (Morning)

See this sun shining,
Just its warmth, not the people around whining,
It just came to wish us “good day”,
Making it’s way from cosmos of this universe.
Feel this wind as it soothes your skin,
Whispering music of the nature into your ears,
If you are patient enough it will tell you all its secrets,
It hasn’t come for you but for itself,
As It just wanders around you to feel your touch and bliss its soul.
Try hearing the ticks of time,
It runs swift when I am with you,
And it makes innumerable stops when I am alone,
So better start savouring it,
We never know which meet would be our last.
Now look up, see into my eyes,
An ocean of love,
Just flow with the waves if you don’t choose to drown,
I will take you to the most beautiful of the places,
And will drop you to the shore whenever you wish to return.
Come on now,
Let’s give this day a kick start,
Tie your shoes tight and let’s embark,
After this day you might have a lot to say,
Coz I am gonna make this your ” one hell of a day”.

P.S.-This poem is the first part of a collection which I wrote for my love when I took her for a full day date. The very best day of my life. I wrote this for the morning when I met her before heading to our surprise destination.


Also I have written more than 200 posts now, almost all of then were for one single person. Thanks to my readers. I am very happy.

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