My best day (In the theatre)

I see you,
Wait. Let me mention that when you have cold and you take a little breath in, you look so so so very adorable.

So, I see you,
Having fun in this joyous adventure,
A new experience, a lot new memories,
Yes, I too am enjoying,
Not just the show but sitting with you more.
I have dreams,
Dreams of reaching to your deepest,
Dreams of becoming your best friend,
Dreams of sharing my all happy moments with you,
Maybe, only with you,
And see, I feel today like real living.
You don’t know a simple “yes” to meet,
Makes my heart pound,
You don’t know my eagerness to meet you doesn’t need a time gap,
I am constant,
Same zenith, every time and in every moment,
I get to meet you.
Naa abi or kuch nhi.
Let’s both enjoy the show.

P.S.- Sometimes you are just left with the memories of your loved one. Not the loved one.


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