It was not my intuitions,
Not my psychic,
Not my idea or any talking with the god.
I saw you with my closed eyes,
Sulking, apprehending or maybe just complaining for this monotonous life.
My heart wants to lie,
To my heart itself,
That it was the absence of mine,
Which you felt in the monotony of your life.
But No,
My other half knows all the truths and all the lies,
It can’t be fooled again by itself.
The shades of night made you calm,
I am happy,
Your day changed by the dusk,
I am happy,
You shall be having a more vibrant change by the night,
Here, I am not sure if I am happy.
It’s true, I can’t lie to you,
My absence you didn’t felt,
It hurts. It really does S.
Spilled ink of my dark black eyes,
Mingled with the Moon’s enormous white light,
Putting stop to the chaos of day,
Pacifying you in the shades of grey.


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  1. Orvillewrong says:

    Wonderfully poignant!

    Liked by 2 people

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