No retake…

We met in the Summer’s night
Under the moon so bright
With stars above in the sky
Casting a magical spell on us.
As we walked together
We were perfect, you knew
Why I didn’t realize I have no answer
I left in mid way
I did a mistake
I tried another time
But no retake.
I found you in the Rainy night
With a hand that was not mine
I broke a thousand time
My love you just declined.
Oh! you don’t know the pain
That took over me in that rain
I repent my mistake
I do want you back
A dream that I always want
You are the heal to my burnt heart
I will lose myself if you depart.
Oh! you are pure with innocence that can make anyone fall
Please come back as I stumble now
Please hold me for one more time
I don’t know where I am today or where I will go tomorrow
My life’s a mess and there’s all sorrow
You were my happiness you still are
You are still my shining star
It’s all vague here
It’s only with whom my pain I share
Please come back for one last time
Before life breaks its bond with me
And this poem, the curved verses
Becomes a long beep, a mortal straight line.

P.S.- This one poem has all my emotions. Reading it hurts me but I always read it whenever I am sad.

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  1. She will be back… This one is beautifully written.. !!

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  2. Shayra says:

    😢depressing one

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      1. Shayra says:

        I hope new year will bring fresh, good memories to you.

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      2. Shayra says:

        Sure, it will.

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