The Sun…

And the Sun would never know the fascination for the Moon.
The friendship the Moon has with a Lover, the Sun would never have.
The incessant tears, the breathless sobbings, the physically felt heartaches are the invaluable possessions of the Moon only.
The moonlight reveals all the secrets, all the truths and lies a Lover tells the world and also the lies a Lover is told by the world.
Though the Moon is the tenant of the Sun, lives at its mercy, it is always calm.
The Sun burns in the jealousy, tries hard to become the companion of a Lover by shining more and more.
It puts the things in its blazing light to reveal the truths of the world as the Moon does.
But the fate of the Sun is sealed.
No matter how much the Sun tries to become the companion of a Lover, it can never be as much of a friend as the Moon is.
The Sun burns and drowns every single day seeking the love of a Lover, but it never gets.
While the Moon cherishes the true emotions, the secrets and companionship of a Lover.
The Sun might be the daily cash of a lover but the moon would always be its treasurer. Hiding and protecting all the secrets of a Lover.

22.12.18 (3am)

P.S.- When her dream woke me up to pity myself.

Image- Google

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