The blunt white screen didn’t stole the moist from eyes,
Their is a permanent dew from the memories of our past.
The sharp glare at 3am in the dark of room doesn’t hurt the eyes,
Coz my heartache has overshadowed any other pain, trivial or large.
Now my eyes does not require to be closed for dreaming,
The sleeps are full of dreams and her thoughts never seize for a second.
My eyes doesn’t get tired to wait to see you online,
For now they have learned to miss your presence, for a meagre few minutes even.
But why?
Why haven’t my eyes learnt to forget her presence when they see her only after months?
Why haven’t they adjusted themselves in the darkness of her absence?
Why can’t they see the blunt truth in bright lights?
And why don’t they sit for a moment as the wait is eternal and my love is taking too much time to set me free?
Only two answers come in my mind. Either I am too weak to let her go or my love for her is so strong that any other thing seems weak to break it.

4:05 am exact

P.S.- Not a poem. Just words. Meaningful to those who can feel them, otherwise just random meaningless words.


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  1. Sameera says:

    I feel you.. badly

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    1. See, its 3:25 am. It happens daily. Her dream just woke me up.
      No peace at sleep, neither at consciousness.

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      1. Sameera says:

        It’s time you forgive and forget. Closure happens in heart.

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