The onus to distinguish between black-white, right-wrong, virtue-sin is on our consciousness. The mirror that reflects our ethics, our soul and our body-mind balance is our consciousness. In the times of ambiguity, we sometimes stand in front of mirror and look into our own eyes to eventually reach our subconscious, a place where we separate or filter our wrong thoughts from the right ones.
But who decides whether our subconscious is doing its job unbiased. We? How can we be truthful to our own self when we ourselves are the judge and the culprit.
The truth is our subconscious is in the hands of our desires only. At one moment, we might be able to distinguish between white and black but if our mind desires something wrong, it will find any excuse to justify it.
Now, the question arises, whether we should introspect and consult our subconscious or not?


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  1. Orvillewrong says:

    So very true our minds can play the trickster!

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    1. Thanks for your valuable comment.

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  2. Shewrites170 says:

    Do what you must, if we go on following our desires we will end up like animals.

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    1. Thanks for your views.

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