Finding her…

Hey Rusty….. I asked.

Who? Me? Asked the old iron railings of her hostel in surprise.

Yes, You. Do you remember me? I am the person who used to come here in starry nights. Under the cool of winter moon, just to meet and hug my lifeline.

Of course I remember you Samar. I was always the first to notice your presence. And I know that you have been coming and moving from my side for past one month. I guess we both know for what you have been doing this.

Then don’t waste even a second Rusty. Please tell, where is my love. I just want to have a glimpse of her.

I understand Samar. But she no longer lives here. She has moved to some other hostel, I don’t know where exactly.

What!! She never told me moving somewhere else. And I have been expecting to see her somewhere here. What a stupid I am.

Why don’t you ask Neem. He has many friends here in this college. He would definitely help you find her.

Hey Nee….m

No need to say anything Samar. I heard everything and also my cousins told me about your wanderings in this college every evening after 5. But sorry, I can’t help you.

But why Neem? I know we don’t know each other much but you know how much I miss her. Plz plz. I won’t even go to meet her. Just a glimpse, for somewhere far where she can’t even smell even an iota of me.

See Samar. Me and my cousins have shaded her in the blazing sun and provided her with all the comfort we can, we even covered you for some of your special moments but she has been with me much longer than you can ever be. If she wanted to let you know, she would have told you herself. So, I am sorry.

I have no defence Neem. I just wish somehow I could see her. Just for a moment. My luck hasn’t favoured me even once in this whole month.

I understand. The only advise I can give you that you ask the Airy. She is everywhere and she doesn’t let anyone untouched.

Airy. You know my plight. Help me.

No Samar. I can help you but I should not. Have patience in your love. If you are not meeting her, then it must be good for you both.

You won’t help me either Airy? It seems the whole world is working against me. But, its okay. Just keep her warm and comfy in all the times.

Rusty and Neem. I ask this favour from you both as well. I guess, this much you can do.

Will do Samar, replied both.

This put a little smile over my face for a few moments.

I made another wild attempt to trace her from my little eyes. But, for no good.

Let’s go back Samar. Better luck next time. I said to myself.


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