And she jumped in joy when I played that toy.. Her smile was honest and pure as the morning dew.. Her prayers to her father could not get unheard, unanswered.. She was in that joy where refusing something to her could have been shattering.
I witnessed this moment vividly. Her smile was contagious. I wanted to smile back and I did smile for such a cheerful emotion. I was the shopkeeper selling toys and she was my little customer.
It’s not that I don’t think about her anymore. I do, and I do it every single moment of my life but this particular moment took me to the day when I went to receive her from railway station. The girl I am talking of is the love of my life. So, I went to receive her and she didn’t had a little clue. I was in the car and she was accompanied by our other soul friend. I saw her coming from the rear view mirror and when she came closer, I just opened the door and stood in front of her. She jumped, she jumped literally in some joy I cannot explain but one thing is sure, no one in my life was this happy to see me ever before, and ever till now. That moment is now inscribed on my heart. And what makes it more special that she was out for only 5 days. It’s not much time compared to what I have with her now.
The moment I had today was not uncommon. Every single day something happens that takes me to her memories, her vivid memories…


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  1. Sonali says:

    That is really beautiful.

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