Hey Love…

Hey love…
It’s been so long since we exchanged words. By words I not only mean the spoken utterances but also the unspoken conversations we used to have through our eyes.
The silent whispers, the warm touches, the meaningless laughs… I miss all.
I miss when we were free to meet and roam the streets in night. I miss when I used to wait beside your hostel gate on my red dented bike. I miss when you walk to me and open your arms for the hug.. The hug that has always melted me more and more and now has casted me in the shape of your thoughts…
I miss all. All in the intense day light, in the penetrating fluorescent lights of night and also in the subconscious beam of my dreams… I sleep then wake then sleep then wake… Trying to get rid of one dream and always ending up in the other…. The reality is different so my heart takes refugee in dreams…
I wish my reality lives once again so that my dreams may die.. I hope they die…


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