20 years…

A pray,
A wish my last,
Give her something precious out of my cast.
If ever something good I did,
Please look for that,
and my mistakes forbid.
Oh God!
Love of her is something I can’t live without,
So, listen to me as I shout out loud,
I have talked to you in my happy and gloom,
You always heard me, made my wish bloom,
This last I ask and you WILL listen to me today,
Just shorten my life but don’t give it to anyone away,
Reduce my life for min. 20 years, if not more,
Give it to her and let her rejoice for sure,
I die daily seeking a moment of her love,
Better, if she live my life, the best use of my worthless breath.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. parikhit dutta says:

    That is heartfelt !


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